Business Transformation Services


Founded by delivery specialists, Sikelelo is an empowerment business focussed on the successful implementation of business and I.T. change initiatives. Our offering is as follows:

Crucial skills provision

Full life cycle contracting and permanent placement services for all technology delivery disciplines.

Turnkey services

Project delivery from business case to benefits tracking on a one stop shop basis.

Benefits Realisation Case Study

Business transformation and change

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) and Target Operating Model (TOM) Implementation.

People change impact analysis, planing and execution for transformation programs.

Technology transformation and change

Business / systems analysis, software development, testing, data conversion, systems integration, CMMI maturity assessments and improvements, ITIL implementations, assessments and improvements

Financial transformation

Cost base transformation: contract efficiencies, 'cost take out' transformation programs

Cost Base Study 1

Cost Base Study 2

Forex exposure transformation

FX exposure removal: our Vika product and services are designed to replace FOREX exposed commitments with fixed commitments in local currency and to BBBEE transform that expenditure.


We created 'Vika' so that you pay local currency for your FX denominated flows without exposure to FX fluctuations.
Forex exposure removal white paper

Forex exposure mitigated

Swap variable FX denominated flows for fixed ZAR flows.

As a service

Vika can be delivered as a service assisting in structuring your portfolio of FX flows.


Tailored or packaged solutions

Your de-risked cash flows can also be tailored to your convenience in a number of aspects.

As a product

Vika can be offered as a turnkey product through our banking, OEM and reseller partners.

Augmented reality

The use of AR to transform the customer experiance is inevitable, as we get your first implementations up and running we will help you work through the numerous challenges and question.

Once you've seen our capabilities you'll realise its more a question of how you would like to harness all this for your customers?

Experience input

Detect location, movement and geo-fencing, AI recognition of: faces, real world objects, speech, QR codes, images, written text, scenes.

Experience augmentation

The inputs can be combined through AI with your messaging, customer relationship, spend trends, predictive analysis, couponing and discounting structures.

Experience presentation

The augmented content can be presented back as information and objects overlayed on the real world and speech or text.

How will we work togethe?r

We prefer to collaborate with your creative team on prototypes, interacting regularly and crafting the customer experience and bottom line impact together.

Investment case

Linking into your existing couponing and rewards the investment case is clear and simple. When we undertake more revolutionary work for you we can work to structure the cost with you so that it matches the growth in your business.

We believe the case for no investment in AR can be negative in an environment where the fundementals of customer interaction are changing.

Ethical and legal

Legal frameworks are emerging and with your guidance, we comply to your stance on the legislation and your codes of ethics.